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Recyclable Materials

Numerous materials can be recycled or reused from the waste stream, including: aluminium cans and other materials, automobiles and steel appliances, clothing, construction waste, copper piping, furnishings, glass, lead-acid batteries, used motor oil, paper (cardboard, high-grade paper, newspaper, mixed paper), plastic bottles, tires, wood waste, and yard trimmings and other organic materials (which can be composted).

All of the above items can be reprocessed into new products. Recycled paper, for example, can reprocessed into newsprint, writing paper, tissue, packaging, paperboard, and cellulose insulation. Plastic bottles can be reprocessed into auto parts, fiberfill, strapping, new bottles, carpet, plastic wood, and plastic bags. Some other materials can be reused directly with little or no processing, including used clothing, furniture, and lumber.

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