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Cost Of Global Eradication

In many of the countries where polio viruses still exist and are transmitted the cost of eradication cannot be afforded. WHO estimates that global polio eradication, with a 10-year effort, may cost as much as a billion dollars. It is argued that countries in the West and those with advancing economies that are free of polio will benefit by the global eradication of poliomyelitis. For example, the United States could save more than $105 million a year on polio vaccine. Money could also be saved by not having to administer the vaccine. The Netherlands suffered an outbreak of polio in 1991-92. It spent more than $10 million controlling this outbreak. More money will also have to be spent for the long-term care and rehabilitation for the survivors of the Netherlands' outbreak. According to the cost-analysis of leading polio epidemiologists, the total cost of eradication could be recovered in savings within a few years of certification that the world is polio-free.

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