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Mynah Birds

Other Species Of Mynahs

The most diverse genus of mynahs is Acridotheres, a group that includes the common mynah. The white-vented or Javan mynah ( Acridotheres javanicus) is native from east Pakistan to various islands of Indonesia. The bank mynah ( A. ginginianus) is unusual, in that it excavates nesting cavities in earthen banks.

The crested mynah (Acridotheres cristatellus) is native to southern China and Taiwan. However, it has been introduced elsewhere, and is the only mynah to breed in North America. The crested mynah has been introduced to the city of Vancouver on the southwestern Pacific coast of Canada. Although its populations there have remained small, the crested mynah continues to breed in that area.

The Papuan or golden-faced mynah (Mino dumontii) and golden mynah (M. anais) are colorful, black-and-gold, fruit-eating species that occur widely on the island of New Guinea. The golden-crested mynah (Ampeliceps coronatus) is a glossy, black-bodied, yellow-headed species that occurs in south China and Indochina.

One of the world's rarest birds is the Bali or Rothschild's mynah (Leucospar rothschildi) of Bali. This species is a lovely, white-colored bird, with a black-colored mask, outer wing feathers, and base of tail. The Rothschild's mynah is a species of tropical forests, and it has become critically endangered because of the destruction of its habitat to extract valuable lumber, followed by conversion of the land into agricultural uses. Fewer than only fifty of these beautiful birds may still survive, most of them in a small national park created largely to serve as habitat for their remnant population.



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