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Mynah Birds

The Hill Mynah

The hill mynah or talking mynah (Gracula religiosa) is native to secondary tropical forests and other wooded habitats in south and Southeast Asia. The hill mynah is perhaps the best-known species of mynah, and the species that learns to "talk" the best. (Actually, it only mimics human sounds, and has no idea about their context.) The hill mynah has a glossy black body, a heavy orange-to-red bill, yellow legs and feet, and bare yellow skin behind the eyes, including an extended flap of skin known as a lappet, located behind the head. The hill mynah also has a white patch on the underwings, that is conspicuous when the bird is in flight. The hill mynah feeds only on fruit.

The hill mynah can be bred in captivity, and is an important species in the avian pet trade. This attractive cage-bird maintains a busy and noisy chatter, and can be easily trained to mimic human words and phrases.

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