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Motion Pictures

Producing A Motion Picture

Motion picture production has three primary stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Preproduction gets underway when financing is secured. It involves finishing a script, finalizing the cast and crew, deciding on how various shots will tell the story of the film, and figuring out locations. A detailed budget is created. Good pre-production work saves a great deal of time and money. It lays the groundwork for a smooth and efficient production.

In production, sets are built, locations are prepared and lit, and the actual filming takes place. Each aspect of film production can get intensely specialized. For example, there are many kinds of microphones, each with advantages and disadvantages. The sounds they pick up can be recorded onto many kinds of magnetic tape using a variety of tape recorders.

During filming, after optimal lighting has been determined, and other variables worked out, many shots are taken of each scene. To help quickly judge if shots were successful, a video image is often made simultaneously. It can be reviewed immediately, and decisions about how to change the next take of the scene can be made.

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