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Groin Hernias

Most people, when they hear or use the word hernia, are referring to an inguinal hernia (the inguinal area, also called the groin, is that area where the thigh and the abdomen meet), in which a loop of the intestine has passed through a weak muscular area. There are three main types of groin hernias: direct inguinal, indirect inguinal, and femoral. These are classified according to the anatomical route that the hernia takes. In men, a herniated loop of intestine may enter the scrotum. This is the type of hernia which the physician is testing for when giving the dreaded command, "Cough!" Pregnancy, obesity, heavy lifting, and medical conditions which increase the pressure within the abdomen (emphysema or other lung conditions causing frequent coughing; constipation; swelling of prostate causing difficulty urinating) can all predispose to hernia, or worsen an already existing hernia. Most physicians favor surgical repair of groin hernia, even those which are reducible, to avoid future incarceration and strangulation, which can lead to dangerous complications.

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