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DNA Fingerprinting

The Mechanics Of Genetic Fingerprinting, Genetic Fingerprinting As A Forensic Tool, Historical Uses Of Genetic Fingerprinting

Genetic, genomic, or DNA fingerprinting is the term applied to a range of techniques that are used to show similarities and dissimilarities between the DNA present in different individuals.

Genetic fingerprinting is an important tool in the arsenal of forensic investigators. Genetic fingerprinting allows for positive identification, not only of body remains, but also of suspects in custody. Genetic fingerprinting can also link suspects to physical evidence.

Sir Alec Jeffreys at the University of Leicester developed DNA fingerprinting in the mid 1980s. The sequence of nucleotides in DNA is similar to a fingerprint, in that it is unique to each person. DNA fingerprinting is used for identifying people, studying populations, and forensic investigations.

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