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Agent Orange

Possible Human Health Threat

Agent Orange has unquestionably been a disaster for the ecology of Vietnam. But evidence also suggests that the defoliant, and in particular the TCCD dioxin component, is a health threat to soldiers who were exposed to Agent Orange during their tour of duty in Vietnam. Tests using animals have identified TCCD as the cause of a wide variety of maladies. In the mid-1990s, the "Pointman" project was begun in New Jersey, which scientifically assessed select veterans in order to ascertain if their exposure to Agent Orange had damaged them. The project is ongoing. In the meantime, veterans organizations continue to lobby for financial compensation for the suffering they feel has been inflicted on some soldiers by Agent Orange.



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Exposure dose

—The quantity of a chemical that an organism receives from the environment through inhalation, ingestion, and/or contact with the skin.


—The extent to which a substance is poisonous.

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