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atom (AT uhm) — the smallest pieces of matter

chemical reaction (KEM uh kuhl ree AK shuhn) — when atoms move around and rearrange themselves to make new molecules, or substances

circuit (SUR kit) — a loop along which electricity flows when there are no gaps

conductor (kuhn DUHK tur) — a material through which electricity can flow

electrical current (i LEK tri kuhl KUR uhnt) — a flow of electrical charge

electric motor (i LEK trik MOH tur) — a motor in which electricity is used to create movement

electron (i LEK tron) — a particle inside an atom, made of a negative electrical charge

electronics (i lek TRON iks) — controlling the flow of electrons to create tiny electrical currents

energy (EN ur jee) — the ability to do work

generator (JEN uh ray tur) — a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

global warming (GLOH buhl WOR ming) — the gradual warming of Earth's climate

grid (grid) — the network of cables and wires which are spread across the country

insulator (IN suh lay tur) — a material through which electricity cannot flow

magnetism (MAG nuh tiz uhm) — an invisible force in some materials that can attract and repel other materials

matter (MAT ur) — the stuff that things are made of, matter is made up of atoms and molecules

microchip (MYE kroh chip) — a very thin piece of silicon with electronic circuits printed on it

neutron (NOO tron) — a particle inside an atom, it has no electrical charge

pollution (puh LOO shuhn) — making land, air, or water dirty

power plant (POU ur plant) — a factory that produces electricity

proton (PROH ton) — a particle inside an atom, made of a positive electrical charge

resistance (ri ZISS tuhnss) — the way a circuit resists the flow of electric current

static electricity (STAT ik i lek TRISS uh tee) — occurs on the surfaces of materials when there is an imbalance of positive and negative charges

transformer (transs FOR mur) — a machine to reduce the power of electrical current

turbine (TUR bine ) — an engine driven by water, steam, or gas passing through the blades of a wheel, and making it spin

voltage (VOHL tij) — the measurement of the push of the electrical current

watt (wot) — the measurement of the power of electricity

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