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More Than a Phone

How many things can a cell phone do? In the past, you could only do two things with a telephone: make calls or receive calls. But today's cell phones can perform many of the same tasks that a computer can.

Cell Phones

Taking Picture with a Cell Phone

  • Make sure there is plenty of light.
  • Try not to take pictures of things with a bright light, or with the sun behind them.
  • Take close-up pictures.
  • Keep it still! Remember most camera phones have a delay between when you click the shutter to when the picture is taken.

Cell Phones

Many phones have cameras in them. You can take and keep photos which can then be downloaded and printed. Some phones can even record and save videos!

Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Some phones let you store and listen to music, watch TV shows on the LCD, or connect to the Internet to check your email or surf the net.

Cell Phones Do you know why we call the keypad on this cell phone a QWERTY keypad? Its name comes from the first six letters on the left side of the keypad. English language computers and typewriters also use the QWERTY layout on their keyboards.

Many people, like you and your friends, use their cell phones even more for sending and receiving text messages than they do for making and answering calls. They call it texting.

What Does That Mean?
G Giggle or grin
?4U I have a question for you
2MI Too much information
LOL Laugh out loud or lots of love
B4N Bye for now
BFF Best friends forever
PLZ Please
SUP What's up?

Cell Phones

When you decide to switch companies and get your cell phone service from another cell company, you can choose to keep your same number but you will have to buy a new phone.

There are differences in networks from country to country. In order to make cell phone calls in a foreign country using your cell phone, you must make sure it is adapted for that purpose.

Cell Phones

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