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Cell Phone Do's and Don'ts

people call careful company

Do you know the word etiquette? It means the rules for being polite. Since cell phones have become so popular, we need to be especially careful to use cell phone etiquette, to insure that we aren't disturbing other people when we're using a cell phone.

Cell Phones

Don't Talk and Drive

In California, Connecticut, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and New York, drivers must use a hands-free device, such as a Bluetooth or earpiece, with their cell phone when they are driving.

Cell Phones

DON'T bother other people with your calls. Either leave and go somewhere private, or keep your voice down. Be careful when using a cell phone in public places such as restaurants and stores. Not only could you bother other people, but others might hear your personal conversation.

Cell Phones

DO turn off your cell phone, or at least turn off the ring, in movie theaters, libraries, or other places where people expect it to be quiet.

Cell Phones

DON'T ever use a cell phone in class, either to talk or to text. You need to pay attention to your teacher, not your cell phone!

Cell Phones

DON'T use your cell phone to take pictures or videos of people who don't want their picture taken or who don't know that their picture is being taken.

DO be sure to understand your cell phone plan and what it charges in fees. There can be a charge for every time you make or get a call, every minute you spend on the phone, and every text message you send or receive. It all depends on the company that your family uses for cell phone service and the monthly plan that you have.

DO be particularly careful about roaming charges. Sometimes when you leave your company's service area, your call may be passed along to another company's tower. If this happens, the call might cost a lot more money.

Cell Phones

If you ever have any questions about using a cell phone, do ask an adult.

Cell Phones

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