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Amazing Elements

Think of an Element, The Elements, Important Elements, Code Names

An element is a material that contains just one type of atom. There are about one hundred different types of atoms altogether. So there are about one hundred elements.

Think of an Element

Lots of materials that you know are elements. For example, silver is an element. It is made of silver atoms. We use silver to make jewelry, silverware, and other things.

Microworlds A pair of silver rings.

Microworlds A silver atom has forty-seven protons, sixty-one neutrons, and forty-seven electrons.

Look at the list of elements. How many have you heard of?

The Elements

This list shows ninety-two elements that are found naturally on Earth.

Elements on Earth
Actinium Fluorine Neodymium Selenium
Aluminum Francium Neon Silicon
Antimony Gadolinium Nickel Silver
Argon Gallium Niobium Sodium
Arsenic Germanium Nitrogen Strontium
Astatine Gold Osmium Sulfur
Barium Hafnium Oxygen Tantalum
Beryllium Helium Palladium Technetium
Bismuth Holmium Phosphorus Tellurium
Boron Hydrogen Platinum Terbium
Bromine Indium Polonium Thallium
Cadmium Iodine Potassium Thorium
Cesium Iridium Praseodymium Thulium
Calcium Iron Promethium Tin
Carbon Krypton Protactinium Titanium
Cerium Lanthanum Radium Tungsten
Chlorine Lead Radon Uranium
Chromium Lithium Rhenium Vanadium
Cobalt Lutetium Rhodium Xenon
Copper Magnesium Rubidium Ytterbium
Dysprosium Manganese Ruthenium Yttrium
Erbium Mercury Samarium Zinc
Europium Molybdenum Scandium Zirconium

Important Elements

Elements play a big part in our everyday lives. The gas oxygen is an element, made of oxygen atoms. It is found in the air. Animals must breathe in oxygen to stay alive. Carbon is another important element. It is found in the bodies of living things.

Microworlds Even fish breathe oxygen. They take it from the water using their gills.

Some elements are rare. This means they are hard to find. Because of this, they cost a lot of money. They include gold and platinum. Gold was once used to make coins.

Microworlds A computer has a chip like this in it, to make it work. The chip is made of silicon. Silicon is an element.

Code Names

Scientists give each element its own code name. The code name acts as a symbol for that type of atom. It is made of one, two, or three letters. This makes it quicker and easier to write elements down.

Here are some of the codes:







Elements get their names in many ways. Helium is found in the Sun. Its name comes from helios, the Greek word for “sun.”

Gold is a yellow metal. Its name comes from an old word, gelwa. This means “yellow.”

Xenon is an unusual element. Its name comes from a Greek word, xenos, meaning “strange.”

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