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CHANGES IN WEATHER - Thermometers: How They Work, Sunlight

Umbrellas are useful in the rain. Should you grab an umbrella on your way out the door today? Do you need to wear a jacket? Weather conditions are always changing, and we make changes to adapt to the weather. Weather refers to the state of the air outside. Sometimes it's cold and wet; sometimes it's warm and dry. A bright, sunny morning may be followed by a windy, cloudy afte…

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AIR ALL AROUND US - The Atmosphere

Stretch your arms out in front of you without touching anything. Can you do it? You may not have touched an object, but your hands moved through the air, pushing it aside as they traveled. Air is the substance around us. It has weight, takes up space, and even moves around us as wind. The air is all around you. Like light and heat from the sun, our air is a crucial ingredient to maintainin…

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Each area of the Earth has a unique climate based on the weather conditions, like temperature and precipitation, that occur over a period of time. Scientists determine the climate of an area by recording weather conditions over the course of years to create an average. The arctic has a cold climate. Deserts are generally dry and warm, while the tropical rain forest is warm and wet every day…

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STORMS - Lightning and Thunder, Calculate the distance of lightning, Fronts, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Categories of Hurricanes, Blizzards

Mild precipitation and seasonal changes in weather can be easy for us to handle. However, severe weather can be a dangerous force, leaving destruction in its path. Heavy lightning can cause power to go out. Boom! Have you ever heard the rumble of thunder and wondered why it happened? Lightning, created by the electricity in clouds, heats the air around it. The air moves so suddenly that it…

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WEATHER FORECASTING - Thermometers, Make your own barometer, Weather Maps

Severe storms can be very dangerous for people and animals. Long ago, storms appeared with little warning. Thanks to the science of meteorology, today we are able to take necessary precautions to secure our property and possibly even evacuate our homes in the days leading up to a severe storm's arrival. Meteorology is the branch of science that studies weather and climate in our atmosphere…

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air masses (AYR MAS es) — large bodies of air anemometer (AN-ih-MOHM-ih-ter) — an instrument used to measure wind speed atmosphere (AT-muhs-FEER) — the large belt of gases that surrounds the Earth barometer (buh-ROHM-ih-ter) — an instrument used to measure air pressure cirrus (SIR-us) — thin,wispy clouds that signal warmer weather is coming cold front (KOLD FRUH…

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