Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness

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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness - How to Detect Bipolar Disorder - Problems Diagnosing Teens

It is often hard to detect bipolar disorder. What makes diagnosis particularly difficult are the manic phases associated with the disorder. When you are manic, you often feel invincible. Even if you are exhibiting classic symptoms of mania—feeling extremely uninhibited and excited—you likely won't believe anything is wrong with you. As we saw earlier, it is harder to detect bi…

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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness - Introduction

Depression has been around since the beginning of human history. In biblical times, Saul, who became the first king of Israel, suffered from severe mood swings. His servants hired a harpist, hoping the sweet music would soothe him. The harpist was a young shepherd named David, who became a favorite at the king's house. Later, David became a big hero for killing the giant Goliath. Saul was s…

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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness - Treatments for Bipolar Disorder - Professional Help, Types Of Medication, Psychotherapy, Education, Taking Care Of Yourself

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 8.3 percent of American adolescents suffer from some form of depression. Unfortunately, statistics also show that two-thirds of depressed people never seek treatment for their disorders. This is particularly true in the case of teens with manic depression. Depression can leave you feeling so down and hopeless that getting help seems impossible.…

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Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness - What Is Bipolar Disorder - Teens And Depression, Manic Depression, Who Gets Bipolar Disorder?

As do adults, most teens go through periods when they feel sad or blue. At these times, you may slam the door to your room and feel like hiding your head under the pillows. Maybe you do not feel like talking to your parents or hanging out with your friends. You might be feeling angry or irritated. Maybe you think of yourself as a loser. Sometimes these feelings are reactions to a problem. Perhaps …

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