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Drug abuse became a major public health concern during the 1960s, as millions of young people began experimenting with LSD and other substances. It was not a new phenomenon, though. People in different parts of the world have used such substances for thousands of years.

Two types of hallucinogens exist: natural and synthetic. Natural hallucinogens come from raw plants. Synthetic varieties are made by humans.

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over 5 years ago

Many drug addicts today are young adults, and I must say that the reason for this is usually rooted in the family. If these people did not have a good father, then it is likely that they would easily be sucked into addictions like this one. Irresponsible parents can be a very devastating situation.

Megaton Pte Ltd

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over 5 years ago

A lot of people who are using illegal drugs are reporting the same things and it's scary to think that they are seeing a lot of things. These hallucinations are what's causing them to commit a wide variety of crimes which can't be done by ordinary persons. This can only be done by a drug addict.


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over 5 years ago

I have experienced the effects of natural hallucinogens and it is from some kind of plant on our trip to the Amazon rainforest. It was like I was seeing ghosts and other imaginary stuff. I think this substance amplifies whatever fears you may have.


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almost 6 years ago

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