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How Do Hallucinogens Impact Society? - Ten Great Questions To Ask A Doctor

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  1. Are hallucinogens and club drugs the same things?
  2. Are hallucinogens and designer drugs the same things?
  3. If someone has used LSD or ecstasy once or twice per week for a while but now has stopped, how long may aftereffects occur?
  4. Can frequent hallucinogen use cause permanent damage to a person's body and mind?
  5. If an expectant mother regularly uses hallucinogens, can the child be harmed?
  6. Do hallucinogens cause as much physical and mental damage to a user as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, or methamphetamines? If not, then what's the problem with using them?
  7. Which types of hallucinogens are the most dangerous?
  8. Does the user's age matter, in terms of risk? Is a fourteen-year-old more vulnerable to ill effects than a sixty-four-year-old?
  9. Are certain hallucinogens effective in medical or psychiatric treatment?
  10. What are the signs of an ecstasy overdose?
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