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Typhus - Characteristics Of Typhus, Epidemic Typhus, Endemic Typhus, Scrub Typhus, Prevention Of Typhus

bacteria transmitted disease flea

Typhus is a disease caused by a group of bacteria called Rickettsia. Three forms of typhus are recognized: epidemic typhus, a serious disease that is fatal if not treated promptly; rat-flea or endemic typhus, a milder form of the disease; and scrub typhus, another fatal form. The Rickettsia species of bacteria that cause all three forms of typhus are transmitted by insects. The bacteria that cause epidemic typhus, for instance, are transmitted by the human body louse; the bacteria that cause endemic typhus are transmitted by the Oriental rat flea; and bacteria causing scrub typhus are transmitted by chiggers.

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about 10 years ago

I need to know what the death rate of Endemic Typhus (Rickettsia Prowazekii). Thank you!

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about 5 years ago


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about 1 year ago

10%-60% Sally