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Sodium Chloride - Bonds, Location And Processing, Mining, Evaporation, Uses - Properties

salt water

Sodium chloride (chemical formula NaCl), known as table salt, rock salt, sea salt and the mineral halite, is an ionic compound consisting of cube-shaped crystals composed of the elements sodium and chlorine. This salt has been of importance since ancient times and has a large and diverse range of uses. It can be prepared chemically and is obtained by mining and evaporating water from seawater and brines.

Sodium chloride is colorless in its pure form. It is somewhat hygroscopic, or absorbs water from the atmosphere. The salt easily dissolves in water. Its dissolution in water is endothermic, which means it takes some heat energy away from the water. Sodium chloride melts at 1,474°F (801°C), and it conducts electricity when dissolved or in the molten state.

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about 8 years ago

I have a question regarding a science assignment on a neutral ionic compound.

I have chose Sodium Chloride and I was wondering, could anyone tell me what I should put for a description of the properties of both sodium and choloride when they are as a single element.

ANY help from ANYONE would be much appreciated ~
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