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Radiology - The X Ray: Fundamental Building Block Of Radiology, How The X Ray Works, Ultrasound

body imaging rays based

Radiology is a branch of medical science that uses x rays and other forms of technology to image internal structures in the body. For nearly 80 years radiology was based primarily on the x ray, but since the 1970s several new imaging techniques have been developed. Some, like computed tomography, integrates x-ray and computer technology. Others, like ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are nonradiologic techniques, meaning they do not use x rays or other forms of radiant energy to probe the human body. Although radiotherapy based on the x ray has been used to treat cancer since the beginning of the 20th century, most radiologists are primarily concerned with imaging the body to diagnose disease. However, interventional radiology is a rapidly expanding discipline in which radiologists work either alone or hand-in-hand with surgeons to treat vascular and other diseases.

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