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Paper - Paper Categories

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Paper is available in a wide variety of weights, colors, textures, and finishes for a multitude of purposes. Book papers are intended for book and journal printing. Almost all bookpapers are surface-sized for offset lithography. The sizing resists penetration by the water and ink used in offset printing. Book papers are mainly made from Kraft pulp, sometimes with machine pulp added. Text papers are available in many colors and textures for use in advertising leaflets, endpapers, etc. They are also sized for offset printing. Cover papers are used for heavier papers, and are chiefly used for covers for pamphlets, journals, and paperback books. Newsprint is made for printing newspapers, advertising catalogs, inexpensive paperbacks, and other items that will probably only be read once if at all, and then thrown away. It is made from machine pulp, usually with some chemical pulp added for strength. Bond is made mainly for office use and ranges in quality from top-grade papers made from 100% rag pulp to low-grade stocks consisting largely of machine pulp.

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