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Newts - Newts And People

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Newts have little direct economic value, other than sometimes being kept as unusual pets. The value of newts derives from the fact that they are ecologically important in their natural communities and that they have an interesting biology.

Although little is known about the conservation status of newts, most species of newts in North America are not endangered. However, the amount and quality of their habitat in many places has declined greatly because of human influences, and this has caused local populations to decrease. Like so many other aspects of our natural, ecological heritage, it is important that the population status of newts be monitored to ensure that they do not become endangered as a result of the activities of humans.



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Complex life cycle

—A life marked by several radical transformations in anatomy, physiology, and ecology.


—This refers to the great anatomical and physiological transformations that occur during the life of some animals.


—The retention of juvenile characteristics in sexually mature adult animals.

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