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Hartebeests - Social Groups And Behavior, Land Competition

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Hartebeests are even-toed hoofed antelopes in the family Bovidae, which are found throughout Africa south of the Sahara. Included among the grazing antelopes are the reedbuck, waterbuck, rhebok, addax, oryx, bluebuck, gemsbok, and roan and sable antelopes. More closely related to hartebeests are gnus, impala, topi, wildebeest, and bontebok. These are medium to large antelopes that forage for food in the grasslands and woodlands of Africa.

Both males and females have characteristic hook-like horns ringed with ridges. Hartebeests range from a tan to a reddish brown color with distinctive markings denoting the different species. Females are slightly smaller than males. Hartebeests have long faces, raised high shoulders with strong legs in front, and a steep sloping back. Their legs are thin and they canter for long distances, which is made possible by their long forelegs.

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