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Graft - Compatibility And Incompatibility, Advantages Of Grafting, History And Important Examples Of Grafting, Disease Resistance

cut plant stem grafted

A graft is a horticultural term for a bud or shoot of one variety or species of plant that is positioned on the stem of another, compatible plant, in such a way that integrated growth results. The recipient plant is called the stock or rootstock, and the grafted part is referred to as the scion. A simple method for stem grafting involves both stems being cut with a sharp blade at the same acute angle, in order to maximize the area of contact. Then the stems are joined, and the union is bandaged with waterproof tape (or tape plus wax) until the wound has healed. Variations on this method involve complementary notches and the tongue being cut, according to how sturdy the scion is. Budding is the term applied when a bud with supporting tissue is grafted into a slit or notch cut into the stem of the stock.

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