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Geochemical Analysis - Branches Of Geochemical Analysis, Geochemical Analysis In Other Environments

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Geochemical analysis is the process through which scientists discover and unravel the chemical compounds that make up the earth, its atmosphere, and its seas. The process requires a thorough grounding in chemistry and the earth sciences, and an understanding of the different ways elements can interact in a given geologic situation. Geochemical analysis can predict where petroleum, metals, water, and commercially valuable minerals can be located—a branch of the science known as geochemical prospecting. It can also be used to predict or trace toxic leakages from waste disposal sites, and to track and understand fluctuations in the earth's climate throughout its history, a branch known as paleogeochemistry. Still another form of the science is cosmochemistry, which attempts to chart the composition of celestial bodies through the analysis of reflected light and other forms of radiation.

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