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Forensic Science - History, Fingerprints, Genetic Fingerprints, Evidence And Tools Used In Forensic Science

crime left techniques scene

Forensic science reflects multidisciplinary scientific approach to examining crime scenes and in examining evidence to be used in legal proceedings. Forensic science techniques are also used to verify compliance with international treaties and resolutions regarding weapons production and use.

Forensic science techniques incorporate techniques and principles of biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, computer science, geology, and psychology.

Forensic science is the application of science to matters of law. Both defense and prosecuting attorneys sometimes use information gleaned by forensic scientists in attempting to prove the innocence or guilt of a person accused of a crime.

A basic principle of forensic science is that a criminal always brings something to the scene of a crime, and he or she always leaves something behind. The "some-thing" left behind is the evidence that detectives and criminalists (people who make use of science to solve crimes) look for. It might be fingerprints, footprints, tooth marks, blood, semen, hair, fibers, broken glass, a knife or gun, a bullet, or something less tangible such as the nature of the wounds or bruises left on the victim's body, which might indicate the nature of the weapon or the method of assault. Careful analysis of evidence left at the scene of a crime often can be used in establishing the guilt or innocence of someone on trial.

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this came up when i was serching for forensic science tecniques, as i am in senour school i need to know this stuff and i was asked to find 5 forensic science tecniques.

you should do a forensic science tecniques page for kids who are in secondery school and need to find the tecniques used in forensic science.