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Ecotourism - Ecotourism And Sustainable Development, Ecotourism Enterprises

natural cultural history activities

Ecotourism refers to outdoor recreation, sightseeing, and guided natural history studies in remote or fragile natural areas, or archeological and cultural sites. Ecotourism usually involves travel to engage in activities such as trekking and hiking, diving, mountaineering, biking, and paddling, while exploring a region's natural highlights, observing native animals, and learning about the area's natural history. Ecotourists may also visit local cultural and historical sites, and even participate in cultural activities. Many ecotours employ native guides and interpreters who can help visitors fully appreciate the natural and cultural significance of their experience.

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over 7 years ago

The material is relevant and worthy reading especially for service provision agencies in Ecotourism development like our Natural Enterprises Development Limited based here in Uganda.