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Agronomy - Crop Improvement, Managing The Soil, Managing Pests And Diseases, Agricultural Systems - Animal husbandry

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Agronomy can be defined as those branches of agricultural science that deal with the production of both plant and animal crops, and the management of soil. The subject matter of agronomy is quite diverse, but falls into three major categories: (1) crop breeding and the genetic improvement of varieties; (2) methods of cultivation of crops (both plants and animals); and (3) sustainability of the agricultural enterprise, especially with respect to fertility of the soil.

Devising better systems in which to raise animals as crops is another important aspect of agronomy. Considerations in animal husbandry include optimization of the productivity of the animals, achieved through selective breeding, and careful management of diet, disease, and housing. Agronomists concerned with animal husbandry are also interested in improving the nutritional quality of the food products, disposal of waste materials, and humane treatment of the livestock.

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