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plant plants photosynthesis includes


Photosynthesis And Respiration. William G. Hopkins. Chelsea House Publications, 2006.

Science with Plants. Helen Edom. Usborne Books, 2007.

Time for Kids: Plants! Editors of TIME for Kids. HarperTrophy, 2006.

Understanding Photosynthesis With Max Axiom, Super Scientist. Liam O'Donnell. Capstone Press, 2007.

Websites to visit

Information about the classification of plant types. Includes photosynthesis, structure, and reproduction.

The Great Plant Escape.
Pick up your magnifying glass and help Detective Leplant solve many plant related mysteries!

This interactive site includes taking a flower apart by dragging and dropping each part into the relevant box.

Plant Explorer.
Click to find out what part of a plant a chip, a baked bean, or a cup of tea comes from.

Find out more about plants. Includes an in-depth look at the growth and life cycle of a bean plant.


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