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Living A Drug-Free Life

Robert doesn't hang around with Jeremy anymore. He got tired of going to parties and watching Jeremy and his friends drink and do drugs. He didn't want to start using drugs and end up like Jeremy, but he also didn't want people to think he was uncool.

In early spring, Robert joined the track team. The coach thought he had potential and encouraged him to think about trying to get an athletic scholarship to help him afford college. Robert started hanging out with some of the students on the team. He found that taking good care of his body helped him run faster and longer. Robert began to feel really good about himself and his accomplishments.

The best choice you can make for yourself is not to use drugs. That's not an easy choice in today's fast-moving world, but it's one worth making. Drugs remove any control you have over your life. Before you try any drug, think about all that you have to lose. Take responsibility for your life and do something positive that makes you feel good about yourself. Robert found that running gave him a natural high and increased his self-esteem. He made an investment in himself and his future by choosing not to do drugs.

Drugs, and the temptation to experiment with them, will always be around. But making the choice not to do them will become easier each time you say no. This choice will save you from a lot of pain and misery, and it will give you a more fulfilling life.

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