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Air Masses and Fronts

Occluded Front

A more complex type of front is one in which a cold front overtakes a slower-moving warm front. When that happens, the cold air mass behind the cold front eventually catches up and comes into contact with the cold air mass underneath the warm front. The boundary between these two cold air masses is an occluded front.

A distinction can be made depending on whether the approaching cold air mass is colder or warmer than the second air mass beneath the warm front. The former is called a cold-type occluded front, while the latter is a warm-type occluded front.

Once again, the development of an occluded front is accompanied by the formation of clouds and, in most cases, by steady and moderate precipitation. An occluded front is represented on a weather map by means of a solid line that contains, alternatively, both triangles and half circles on the same side of the line.

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