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Books, Websites to visit


Food Chains and Webs. Lewis Parker. Perfection Learning, 2005.

Life in a Kelp Forest. Mary Jo Rhodes and David Hall. Children's Press, 2006.

The World of Food Chains with Max Axiom, Super Scientist. Liam O'Donnell. Capstone Press, 2007.

Who Eats Who in City Habitats? Robert Snedden. North Mankato, Minnesota; Smart Apple Media, 2006. One of a series of books. Others cover food chains in grasslands, rainforests, deserts, rivers and lakes, and the seashore.

Websites to visit

This site takes a close look at the animal life in the Etosha National Park in southern Africa, and the food chains that they rely upon.

This activity allows you to try and build a food chain.

This site looks at food chains in different climates of the world.

BBC Nature.
Find out how species interact with one another in a coral reef.

Kidsknowit Network.
This site provides a free movie on the food chain and tests your knowledge with an online quiz.

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