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Will there be enough energy to last us into the future? Can we expect to have all the energy we need? The answers to these questions will depend on how wisely we use the non-renewable resources we have, and how we can improve or find new sources of renewable energy.

Solar energy may help us meet our increasing energy demands. The amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth in an hour is greater than the energy we use in a year! As solar technology improves we may be able to harness much more of that renewable energy source.

One promising technology is hydrogen fuel cells. These cells can be used to power anything from small devices such as cell phones to larger things such as automobiles. Right now, fuel cells are expensive to make. If the cost comes down, fuel cells may help us meet our future energy needs.

Energy Solar panels on top a house.

Another technology that is changing our energy use right now is the hybrid automobile. The word hybrid means that something comes from more than one source. In the case of cars, the hybrid engine uses both gasoline and electric energy. It converts the braking power of the car into electric energy to charge the batteries.

Whatever the future holds, it's clear that we need to do three things to make sure we have enough energy. First, we must make wise use of our non-renewable resources. Next, we must conserve energy whenever we can. Finally, we must look to new technologies to help us meet our future demands.

Energy A hybrid car.

If we do these things today, there will be plenty of energy for many years to come.

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