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Have you ever woken up very tired in the morning, unable even to lift your head from the pillow? If so, it's likely that you said to yourself, “I have no energy today!” Of course, you had some energy, or you wouldn't even be able to open your eyes!

What you probably meant was that you didn't have enough energy to do something, like get out of bed and go to school. Energy can be defined as the ability to do work.

Energy You need energy to work.

Work is the ability to make an object move in some way. Electricity moves through wires to light up a bulb. Your alarm clock uses electrical energy to make the sound that wakes you up. The energy of the wind causes your curtains to wave gently.

Looking out the window, you may see cars burning fuel as energy to zoom down the street. If something is moving, or doing work, it is using energy.

Energy Electricity lighting up a light bulb.

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