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animators (AN-i-may-turz): artists who create drawings for cartoons or video games

bit (BIT): a basic unit of information storage, or memory

Bluetooth (BLOO-tooth): short-range wireless transfer of information

bundled (BUHN-duhld): when a game is sold packaged with a console

circuits (SUR-kits): complete pathways for an electrical current

compact disk (KOM-pakt DISK): also called a CD, it is a plastic disk used for storing information and music

computer chip (kuhm-PYOO-tur CHIP): a compact way to package electronic parts used to make calculations, control the display screen, and perform other actions

consoles (KON-solz): the hardware, or physical components, of home video game systems

designers (di-ZINE-urz): the people who take a story and turn it into a video game

digital video disks (DIJ-uh-tuhl VID-ee-oh DISKS): also called DVDs, these plastic disks can store more digital information than compact disks

genres (ZHON- ruhz): groups which share common traits

gravitational field (grav-uh-TAY-shuhn-uhl FEELD): the area surrounding a star or planet in which a force of gravity pulls other objects toward it

handheld game (HAND-held GAME): video game on a small unit that can be held in a player's hand

hard drive (HARD DRIVE): a device found in computers, video games, and other electronic equipment that contains a disk used for storing information

microchip (MYE-kroh-chip): a miniaturized electronic circuit used in computers and other electronic equipment

microprocessors (mye-kroh-PROH-sess-urz): chips containing transistors and other electronic components used for processing programs, remembering information, and performing mathematical operations

oscilloscope (ah-SIL-uh-skohp): an instrument used for viewing the movement of electrical voltage or current on a screen

programmers (PROH-gram-urz): those who turn the characters, setting, and story line of a game into a computer language called code

silicon (SIL-uh-kuhn): one of the most common elements on Earth, silicon is used to make transistors, glass, and microchips

transistors (tran-ZISS-turz): tiny devices used to control the flow of electrical current in radios, computers, video games, and other electronic equipment

wireless (WIRE-less): when signals are sent from controller to console without the use of wires

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