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Power Plant to Bulb

It's All About Energy!, Energy

You flip a switch, and a lightbulb glows. Your computer lights up when you turn it on. Do you know why? What keeps refrigerators cool? What heats water? The answer is electricity. This book tells the story of electricity's amazing journey from a huge power plant to the lights in your house.

Electricity is an invisible form of energy. At the flick of a switch, you can stop or start the flow of electricity. It looks like magic. But it's not! Look around your room. How many things need electricity to make them work? Remember to count objects that use batteries.

Turn on the Light The batteries inside this computer are small stores of electricity.


Your body depends on electricity, too. Did you count it among the things that use it? You have electricity in your body! An electrical charge keeps your heart beating.

Turn on the Light Electricity keeps cities and towns around the world working day and night.

It's All About Energy!

Hospitals, schools, businesses, and sports centers all need electricity. They would come to a stop without it. Where does this energy come from? Most of the electricity we use comes from a power plant. Huge amounts of electricity are made here. Wires and cables carry it to our homes and businesses.

Turn on the Light X-rays, scanning machines, and other hospital equipment need a constant supply of electrical energy.

Turn on the Light In the dark, the Earth's surface glows brightly in areas where many lights are in use.


Energy makes things work. There are many types of energy. Your body uses energy to run. A fire uses heat energy to cook food. Electricity is an energy that can be turned into other types of energy. It is used to make heat and light. This is what makes it so useful.


Electricity can be dangerous. Maybe you know not to touch plugs or wires with wet hands. This is because electricity flows easily through water. Your body is mostly water. If you touch an electric current, you will get a shock. The electricity will flow through the water in your body.

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