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Parts of a Cell phone

Every cell phone company produces different types of phones with different features. Customers choose the cell phone with the features, such as text messaging or GPS (Global Positioning System), that they will use.

Cell Phones

All cell phones have many of the same parts. The circuit board inside of a cell phone has several computer chips and a microprocessor that allows you to send and receive calls.

Cell Phones Inside of Cell Phone

Every cell phone has a subscriber identity module (SIM) card stored inside. It contains all of the personal identity information of the owner of the phone, such as the cell phone number, phone book, and text messages.

Cell Phones

The screen on the front of a cell phone is called an LCD, or liquid display crystal. Below the LCD is the keyboard, with numbers or other figures on its various keys. On the keyboard, you press the phone number of the person you want to call. You speak into a microphone on your cell phone, and you hear through a speaker.

Cell Phones

What gives your cell phone its power? A tiny battery provides the electricity to run it, so your phone doesn't need to be plugged into anything to work. When your battery is losing power, a special sound or a picture on your LCD alerts you. Then you can attach your cell phone to a charger that plugs into an electrical outlet, a car, or even a solar charger. After a few hours on the charger, your battery will have full power again.

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