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A History of Super Science: Atoms And Elements. Andrew Solway. Raintree, 2006.

Elements: What You Really Want to Know. Ron Miller. Twenty-First Century Books, 2006.

From Greek Atoms to Quarks: Discovering Atoms. Sally Morgan. Heinemann Library, 2007.

Periodic Table: Elements with Style! Adrian Dingle. Kingfisher Books, 2007.

Websites to visit

Select any element from the periodic table to find out all about it.

National Nuclear Data Center
Who discovered chromium? How did dubnium get its name? You can find out all about the history of the elements on this website.

All kinds of ways that the periodic table has been organized, from simple tables to an element galaxy.

The Comic Book Periodic Table
Click on an element and find all the comic book pages that mention that element.

Jefferson Lab
This site offers an array of games and puzzles based on the elements.

This site provides a periodic table of the elements in pictures.

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