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Solar Energy

We cannot create energy, but we can convert one form of energy to another and make that energy work for us. Solar energy, or energy from the Sun, is one example.

The Sun is our ultimate source of energy. The Sun is responsible for all energy. The energy that keeps the Sun burning day after day is the same energy that controls our weather and supports life on Earth.

Earth and Sun Size Comparison

The Sun is a medium size star. It is huge compared to our planet. It would take more than one million Earths to fill a sphere the size of the Sun!

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

When you stand outside on a hot summer day, it is clear the Sun provides heat energy. When you look around and see green grass, blue sky, and a rainbow of colorful flowers, it's clear the Sun provides light energy. You might wonder, though, how the Sun is responsible for all energy. Let's explore more about the Sun and solar energy.

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