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acid rain (ASS-id-RAYN): polluted rain from gas released from burning fossil fuels

agricultural (AG-ruh-KUL-chur): business of producing crops and raising animals

algae (AL-jee): small plants that grow in water or damp areas

carbon dioxide (kar-buhn dye-OK side): colorless, odorless gas

chlorophyll (KLOR-uh-fil): green pigment in plants

efficient (uh-FISH-uhnt): work without wasting energy

emissions (I-MISH-uhnz): harmful chemicals released into the air

enzymes (EN-zimz): proteins that cause a chemical reaction

greenhouse gas (GREEN-houss-GAS): gas trapped in the atmosphere

global warming (GLOH-buhl-WAHR-ming): rise in the Earth's air and water temperatures caused by greenhouse gases

glucose (GLOO-kose): plant sugar

industry (IN-dus-tree): manufacturing companies and other business

organic (or-GAN-ik): of biologic origin

petroleum (puh-TROH-lee-uhm): oil or crude oil

photosynthesis (FOE-toe-SIN-thuh-siss): a chemical process by which plants make their food

turbine (TUR-bine): an engine driven by air, water, steam, or gas

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