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albums (AL-buhms): collections of music on long-playing records

bit (BIT): a basic unit of information storage, or memory

cartridge (KAR-trij): a small protective case

cassette (kuh-SET): a small, hard plastic case which contains an inner magnetic tape used for recording and playing sound and music

compact disks (kuhm-PAKT disks): also called CDs, they are plastic disks used for recording and playing digital information and music

dictation (dik-TAY-shun): words that are written down, typed, or recorded

digital (DIJ-uh-tuhl): information that has been electronically converted to number form

digital signal processor (DIJ-uh-tuhl SIG-nuhl PROH-sess-ur): a specialized microprocessor designed for processing digital information

digitize (DIJ-uh-tize): putting sounds into digital form so they can be understood by a computer

download (DOUN-lohd): to copy information from one computer to another computer or disk

gramophone (GRAM-uh-fone): an early record player

genre (ZHON-ruh): a group of things which share common traits

gigabytes (GIG-uh-bites): units of information memory; about one billion bytes

hard drive (HARD DRIVE): a device found in computers, MP3 players, and other electronic equipment that contains a disk used for storing information

Internet (IN-tur-net): the international network that connects computers from around the world

megabytes (MEG-uh-bites): units of information memory; about one million bytes

microgroove (MYE-kroh-groov): the thin, unbroken spiral track that is used on long-playing records

microprocessor (mye-kroh-PROH-sess-ur): a chip containing transistors and other electrical components used for processing programs, remembering information, and performing mathematical operations

MP3: a name for the standards, or guidelines, used in coding compressed information

online music store (ON-line MYOO-zik STOR): a place on the Internet where computer users can buy music, videos, and podcasts

phonograph (FOH-nuh-graf): a device which uses a needle or stylus to replay sounds that have been recorded on an album

tuner (TOO-nur): a device for picking up and amplifying broadcast radio waves

Wi-Fi (WYE-fye): the ability to send data over wireless networks

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