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Books, Websites to visit


Atoms and Molecules. Louise and Richard Spilsbury. Heinemann, 2007.

Looking at Atoms and Molecules. Library of Physical Science (series). Suzanne Slade. Rosen Publishing Group's PowerKids Press, 2007.

Touch It!: Materials, Matter and You. Primary Physical Science (series). Adrienne Mason. Kids Can Press, 2005.

What Are Atoms? Lisa Trumbauer. Children's Press, 2005.

Websites to visit

The Atoms Family.
This site has papercutting activity to show how small an atom is.

BBC schools.
This website explores the different properties of materials.
It contains interactive activities.

New York Hall of Science.
This site shows you lots of marvelous molecules.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases.
Animations show why different materials have different properties.

Strange Matter.
Discover the secrets of everyday stuff. This site has plenty of fun activities to try.

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