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atoms (AT uhms) — tiny particles that make up materials

bonding (BON ding) — when atoms join together to make a molecule

chemical (KEM uh kuhl) — a substance made up of atoms or molecules

chemical formula (KEM uh kuhl FOR myuh luh) — a code used to stand for an atom or molecule

chemical reaction (KEM uh kuhl ree AK shuhn) — when atoms move around and rearrange themselves to make new molecules

compound (KOM pound) — a substance made of molecules made up of two or more different types of atoms

conduct (kuhn DUHKT) — to allow electricity to flow through

DNA (short for deoxyribonucleic acid) (dee en AY) — a molecule found in living things. It stores instructions that tell living things how to live and grow.

electricity (i lek TRISS uh tee) — a form of energy that can flow along wires

electron (i LEK tron) — a tiny particle that flies around the nucleus in an atom

element (EL uh muhnt) — a substance made up of just one type of atom

energy (EN ur jee) — the ability to do work

gas (gass) — a state of matter in which molecules are widely spread out and a substance has no fixed shape

gravity (GRAV uh tee ) — the force that causes matter to pull toward other matter

liquid (LIK wid) — a state of matter in which molecules are loosely attached, and substances can flow or be poured

material (muh TIHR ee uhl) — any type of matter

matter (MAT ur) — the stuff that things are made of. Matter is made up of atoms and molecules.

mixture (MIKS chur) — a material made of different substances mixed together

molecule (MOL uh kyool) — a group of atoms joined together

nanotechnology (nan oh tek NOL uh jee) — an area of technology involving making very small objects and machines

nuclear fission (NOO klee ur FISH uhn) — splitting an atom apart to release energy

nuclear fusion (NOO klee ur FYOO zhuhn) — joining atoms together to release energy

nucleus (NOO klee uhss) — the center of an atom, containing protons and neutrons

painkiller (PAYN kil ur) — a medicine that numbs pain, such as aspirin

particle (PAR tuh kuhl) — a tiny bit or part

polymer (POL uh mur) — a type of molecule shaped like a chain made up of repeated sections. A polymer can grow longer and longer as more atoms are added to it.

properties (PROP ur tees) — the qualities or features of matter, such as strength or hardness

reactive (ree AK tiv) — a reactive atom is one that reacts easily with other atoms or substances

solid (SOL id) — a state of matter in which molecules are firmly held together, giving substances and objects a fixed shape

stable (STAY buhl) — a stable atom is one that does not react easily with other atoms or substances

states of matter (states ov MAT ur) — the three main forms in which matter can exist: solid, liquid, and gas

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