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attachment (uh-TACH-ment): a file that is sent along with an email

chat room (CHAT room): an imaginary room where people who have signed on to enter it can communicate with each other

cyberspace (SY-bur-spayss): the electronic world of computer networks, the invisible space where the Internet exists, and computers communicate with each other

domain (doe-MANE): a website's name

downloading (DOWN-lohd-ing): saving an email attachment or a file to your computer

email (EE-mayl): short for electronic mail, sent over the Internet by one computer user to another

icon (EYE-kon): a picture on your screen that you can click on to open a computer program or file

ISP (EYE-ESS-PEE): Internet Service Provider, the company that you pay each month to connect you to the Internet

message board (MESS-ij BORD): the part of a website that allows people to write comments or exchange messages about a subject

modem (MOH-dum): the part of a computer that provides an online connection

network (NET-wurk): a group of things that are connected to each other

online (ON-LINE): being connected to the Internet, the World Wide Web, or a website

spam (SPAM): email that is sent to thousands or millions of addresses without anyone asking for it

URL (YU-ARE-EL): a Uniform Resource Locator or web address such as www.google.com

virus (VY-russ): something in a computer file or attachment that can make your computer, or certain programs on it, stop working

website (WEB-site): a central location for related web pages on the Internet, like www.facebook.com

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