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agriculture (AG-ruh-KUL-chur): business of producing crops and raising animals

atmosphere (AT-muhs-fear): a mix of gases that surround a planet

efficient (uh-FISH-uhnt): working without wasting energy

ethanol (ETH-uh-nol): an alcohol fuel made from some grains, corn, and sugar cane

fossil fuels (FOSS-uhl-FYOO-uhl): coal, oil, and natural gas formed from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago

generator (JEN-uh-ray-ter): a machine that converts energy to electricity

industry (IN-dus-tree): manufacturing companies and other business

molten rock (MOHLT-uhn-rok): rock melted by heat

photosynthesis (FOE-toe-SIN-thuh-siss): a chemical process by which plants make their food

photovoltaic cells (FOE-toe-vol-TAY-ik-sellz): devices that can produce electricity when exposed to sunlight

reservoir (REZ-ur-vwar): large natural or manufactured area that holds water

thermal (THUR-muhl): having to do with heat

turbine (TUR-bine): an engine driven by air, water, steam, or gas

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