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What does Going Green mean?

energy environment means friendly

Most products we buy come in packages, and packaging ends up in landfills. We produce many of the things we use in factories, and most factories burn fuels that pollute the air. Going green means improving the way we produce, buy, use, and throw away products. It means contributing less to air pollution and to landfills. Going green means doing things in ways that are friendly to the environment.

Going Green

Going Green

How can we be friendly to the environment? We can start by using more green energy. Using green energy does little, if any, harm to the environment.

Going Green

Fuel for Thought

Other terms for green energy are alternative, clean, and renewable energy.

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over 7 years ago


I like this article its Very informative and useful for all of us.
Really the kids most know this thing. Keep it up.
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