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energy movement wind water

biomass energy (BI-oh-mass) — plant material and animal waste burned as fuel

chemical energy (KHEM-eh-kul) — the energy released through a chemical reaction

conservation (con-sur-VAY-shun) — the wise use of the resources we already have

electrical energy (e-LEC-trih-kul) — the movement of electrons through a conductor

energy (EN ur gee) — the ability to do work

fossil fuels (FOSS-ul) — fuels that come from dead organisms. They include coal, oil, and natural gas

geothermal energy (jee-oh-THUR-mal) — energy that comes from the Earth in the form of water or steam

heat (HEET) energy — the movement of energy from one object to another

hydropower (HI-dro-pow-er) — energy captured from the movement of water

kinetic energy (ki-NET-ik) — the energy of movement

Law of Conservation of Energy (con-sur-VAY-shun) — states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed

non-renewable energy (NON re-NYOO-a-bull) — energy that we will run out of someday

nuclear energy (NOO-klee-er) — the potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom

potential energy (po-TEN-shul) — stored energy

recycling (ree-SIGH-kull-ing) — the process of treating materials so that they can be reused

renewable energy (re-NYOO-a-bull) — energy that can be used over and over, without running out

solar energy (SO-ler) — energy that comes from the sun

thermal energy (THUR-mul) — see heat energy

turbine (TUR-byne) — an engine that gets its energy from the pressure of wind, air, water, or some other energy source

wind power (WIND)— energy captured from the movement of the wind

work (WURK) — the ability to make an object move in some way

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