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FURTHER INFORMATION - Books, Websites to visit

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Basic Biology: Body Systems. Denise Walker. Smart Apple Media, 2007.

Break It Down: The Digestive System. Steve Parker. Raintree, 2006.

Exploring the Human Body – The Stomach and Digestion. Carol Ballard. Kidhaven Press, 2005.

Reading Essentials in Science: Nutrition. Alexandra Powe Allred. Perfection Learning, 2005.

Websites to visit

United States Department of Agriculture.
This site offers advice on how to eat healthily. It includes interactive games and exercises.

Nutrition Exploration: Kids (National Dairy Council) This site provides information on the different food groups. It contains a range of interactive activities.

Activities based on the digestive system.

National Digestive Disease Information.
An in-depth look at the workings of the digestive sytem.

Kids Health: The Real Deal on the Digestive System.
This site explores the journey your food makes after it is eaten.


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