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Global Energy Sources

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Some energy sources, such as fossil fuels, take a long time to replenish. They are nonrenewable energy sources. Renewable sources, such as sunlight, replenish in a relatively short time. Listed below are examples of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy Nonrenewable Energy
Solar Energy
  • Heat and light energy from the Sun
  • Renews day after day as the Sun shines
  • Solid that takes millions of years to form
  • Mined from the Earth
Wind Energy
  • Motion energy from the wind
  • Renews day after day as the wind blows
  • Liquid that takes millions of years to form
  • Pumped from the ground
Hydropower Energy
  • Energy from moving water
  • Renews day after day in waves and flowing rivers
Natural Gas
  • Colorless odorless gas that takes millions of years to form
  • Pumped from the ground
Geothermal Energy
  • Heat and steam energy beneath the Earth's surface
Propane Gas
  • Natural gas that becomes a liquid gas at high pressure or at low temperature
  • Found with natural gas and oil
Biomass Energy
  • Plant material and animal waste used to generate energy
Nuclear Energy
  • Stored in atoms-the smallest particles of chemical elements
  • Formed using uranium ore which is mined from the earth
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